ProSocial is an evidence-based process that has been used with multiple groups in multiple areas of the world, including educational systems at all levels from kindergarten to university, hospital and medical settings, government agencies, human resources in large organizations, non-profit groups, communities working to improve their environment, raising the performance of Ebola teams and helping to curb violence against women in Sierra Leone, international foreign assistance agencies working in high stress and disaster areas, political settings and so forth.  ProSocial is currently being taught at the university level in countries across the world.  We have applied ProSocial to building effective and inclusive leadership, developing self-governance teams, building positive, and resonant workplace cultures.

A recent survey of 270 people trained in the ProSocial Process revealed a post-training increase in a shared sense of identity and purpose, belief that the demands made on the group and the benefits incurred were meted out equally among members, shared decision making about how the group should be run and shared leadership, shared knowledge of what all group members were doing, appropriate responding to discourage group members who exhibit unhelpful or disruptive behaviors, increase in within group fast and fair conflict resolution, the authority to self-govern with minimal outside interference, and increased collaborative relationships with other groups. The most significant increases were in group trust and group satisfaction.

Results from groups that participate in a ProSocial Dynamics, LLC, ProSocial Process training will automatically be included the global prosocial research being conducted by the University of Binghamton in New York.  Participation is, of course, voluntary.

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